Monday, April 1, 2013

Mini-Tutorial: Upcycled Fabric Stamps

Buttons make great stamps
(Black fabric paint on natural linen)

Upcycled Fabric Stamps
This is a quick little tutorial to show you a quick and easy method to make fabric stamps for a sewing project (like my Artist Apron workshop-see photo above) or to update a pair of old jeans. This is an inexpensive project because most of the materials and tools can be found in your home.  Hopefully this tutorial inspires you to experiment with this technique and make fabric stamps of your own.

Materials needed:
Flat Buttons
Wine Corks
Foam Brush
Fabric Paint
Hot Glue Gun
Fabric (experiment with different types and colors)
Newspaper (to protect your work surface)

Add a small dot of hot glue onto one end of the wine cork.

Press gently so that glue does not seep through button holes

Try all different sizes and patterns, but flat buttons work best.

Simple shapes cut from cardboard can also make great stamps.

Hot glue to one end of wine cork.

Pour a small amount of fabric paint on to foil or newspaper.

Using form, brush a thin layer of paint onto stamp.

Gently press on fabric
(always test on a scrap piece before placing on final project)

The different kinds of designs you can create are endless!

Now try the button stamps you created (use a think layer of paint)

Let your fabric dry overnight.

When I'm not using my stamps I keep them in this old cookie tin.

Happy stamping!


  1. Hello, is there anyway you could provide the pattern or a tutorial for the artist apron? Thank you!