Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sienna's Tree

In the Studio

My latest on going project is this nursery wall hanging for my daughter, Sienna. I started this while I was pregnant and have been working on it slowly since she was born. The leaves are cut from recycled sweaters and hand sewn on with embroidery floss, and when my family members came to visit us after Sienna was born I enlisted them to sew on a couple of leaves. The latest collaboration has been with my husband, Cory, who is also an artist. He has been drawing animals that would live in the tree and I have been turning them into plushies. I've added velcro to the back of the animals so they can "sit" in the tree. Stay tuned as I share more of the animals we create and provide the patterns so you can make them too.
Amelia Strader
Owner, Head Crafter
GoGo Craft

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