Thursday, November 17, 2011

Celebrate the Holidays with GoGo Craft!

Not only are handmade holiday gifts budget friendly, but they are a great way to show your loved ones that you care.  And now is the time to start making those holiday gifts for family and friends.  GoGo Craft is here to help!  Our workshops will be featured at these two fabulous Holiday Fairs this year.  These workshops are FREE to all fair goers!  Such a deal!

Create Your Own Avatar Workshop
Sunday, Dec 4th from 11-5pm

In this fun hand-sewing workshop GoGo Craft will teach you how to make your own customizable plushie avatar that is perfect for gift-giving (if you can bear to part with it, that is).  Choose from different hair styles, clothes, and accessories to make a plushie that represents you, your alter ego, or someone you love.  Perfect for crafters of any level!
More details on Bazaar Bizzare San Francisco here.

Upcycled Fingerless Gloves
Saturday, Dec 10th 12-3pm

In this workshop GoGo Craft will teach you how to make a shrunken sweater into a pair of cozy fingerless gloves.  Not too handy with a sewing machine?  Not to worry!  This low sew project can be completed with our patterns and just a needle and thread.  
More details on Teahouse Holiday Art Fair here.

Happy Handmade Holidays From GoGo Craft!

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