Monday, October 18, 2010

Treasure Island recap

Gee, our official launch at Treasure Island was an absolute BLAST!

The day started off (okay, and remained) drizzly, grey, and windy, but the power of crafting prevailed.

We showed up to the Workshop SF tent at 9:45 am with our lovely helpers in tow and proceeded to get down - we set up tables with an drool-worthy array of crafting supplies: stacks of cardstock, tons of tee shirts (generously donated by our new friends at Thrift Town, Community Thrift, and Noisepop), and a rainbow of embroidery thread and yarn (some donated by the amazing folks at Clover and Lion Brand) for our workshops:  Knit Lounge, Rock N Roll Embroidery, Piratical Eyepatches, and, of course, Upcycled To-a-Tee.

Our amazing workshop leader Lauren helped an enthusiastic crowd make awesomely cute embroidered notecards with guitars, pirate ships, and skulls, while Maren held court at the eyepatch station - you've never seen such glittery, festooned, fabulous pirates as the ones that left her table.  And Stella truly rocked the Knit Lounge - her chunky finger-knit necklaces would make any fashionista proud.

Meanwhile, we were afloat in a sea of tees -  the Upcycled To-A-Tee workshop was a hit, with the GoGo Crafters (in matching outfits!) teaching the masses to make gorgeous, modern necklaces and fun low-sew tote bags out of old tee shirts.

We were lucky enough to be right near both stages, so when the bands went on we didn't even have to leave the relative warmth of the tent - it was like having Broken Social Scene, Superchunk, She & Him (during which we mysteriously lost all of our man crafters), and The National play right in our front yard!  We finished up at 8:30, threw coats on over our uniforms, and headed off for a well-earned respite to watch Belle and Sebastian wow the crowd.

A fantastic day all around, and huge thanks to all of our helpers, donors, and especially Workshop SF and Noisepop for letting us be part of it.

Go (Go) craft!

Check out our brand new Flickr to see all of the action!

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  1. Yay for y'all! This is awesome! I'll look forward to hearing more about your exciting crafting adventures. Hooray for the power of craft!!!